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TeakLandgallery has been in the furniture retailing business for 20 years.

We are a customer oriented furniture store with quality furniture designed for Singapore's climate. We have supplied and built (made to order) for customers in Singapore and Europe.

Every piece of furniture is quality controlled from the production process to delivery. This stringent process is passed on to our customers for their enjoyment for generations to come. Furniture has been designed and manufactured to suit the HDB dwellers and bigger homes. We have something for every house. We welcome you to visit our showroom.

Customisation is our speciality

Have a design in mind? Like one of the pieces but fitting is an issue?
Our solution:

Customisation! Speak with us today!

We can customise our products (lead time applies) to fit your purpose or build customised pieces according to your requirements.

Our customised furniture comes with the same high quality as all Teaklandgallery products.

Why? Because we are the manufacturers of the furniture we sell.