Teaklandgallery offers a customised solution to fit into your available space. Here are some ideas for your customisation experience.

Dimension change*
- Suitable for furniture which is too long or too short and a good fitting is required.

Colour* - Customisation can include colours of your choice. Our team of designers have had many experience with different types of colours. Speak to us for choice options.

Adding ornaments onto existing furniture* - We can add  your logo/design onto your furniture or to transfer a design you like from another piece of furniture we have onto your piece.

Total Custom furniture specifications - When the piece does not exist and you have something in mind.
Teaklandgallery can accomodate such requests. We can build off the drawings that you have or talk to our designer. When it comes the customisation, the sky is the limit.

Bring your designs or speak with our designers.

Made to measure/custom built pieces reflect the same quality and reliability as our prebuilt pieces.

Refer to our gallery for more ideas for made to measure furniture in our gallery.

*Customising a piece of furniture requires it be totally made from scratch or additional processes required to produce the item. As such more time is required. Please feel free to mention your deadlines to our designer when customising.